Veeza: More Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs showing up soon?

According to Heise, Philips presented a new licensing model for their CD technology called Veeza. Philips forces Taiwanese companies to agree to the new licensing model until May 30. Despite the license fees being lowered by about 50% to 2.5 cents per disc, most Taiwanese companies still do not agree to Philips’ licensing model and are not paying license fees to Philips.
They did not announce what they want to do after May 30, but they did force customs offices to reject CD-Rs earlier.

I hope more TY will show up here… GO TAIYO YUDEN!
(It could also be that MBI, MAM-E and MAM-A would profit from this event, but I hope this doesn’t happen.)

Yes… Go Taiyo Yuden…

Even in ‘Lil’ Old Australia… we love our TY’s…