've to buy new CDROM, any suggestions?



Hi, I need to change my f* Acer.
Some idea what’s the best around?


Depends on your budget and your needs.
The 72x kenwood is great for audio extraction, but sucks with cdrs
I like the Plextor 40x

If you have the money you can also buy a DVD player. There are some great ones out there. Pioneer for example.


DVD: Pioneer 106
IDE CD-ROM: Kenwood 72x
SCSI: Plextor 40x


HI have you considered the teac 540e it is an inexpensive cd drive with fast audio extraction (30x)it also read subchannels for clone cd the only drawback is that it takes about 1 hour for safedisk images.This drive is really fast at everything else.


i would go for the aopen 52x, i don’t know any bether cd-roms. good for cdr’s good for audio, good speed and good for data
hope u can make your choice


Yep, Plextor 40x SCSI is a very good option. 'Cuz if you can’t burn on the fly on your pc, with the Plextor 40x SCSI it can :smiley:


I’ve got a ASUS 40X,great stuff.