VDSPMSAB-01 DVD-R 4x burned at 8X

Very cheap media. 15 cents a piece. 200 for 30.00

I have found that quality scan is a waste of time as you would have to do speedtest anyway. It’s not very accurate and often mislead you to think it’s good media when it’s not or it’s bad media when it is not. You cannot tell if it will coaster or not. It is just for fun or nostalgia, those with too much free time.

Then i have way too much time (or too many pc’s). Personally both good transfer tests and jitter tests have let me down but pie/pif test with my LiteOn hasn’t failed yet and i do throw away discs with bad results without looking twice (even if they may be fine) This goes for my cheap TDK02 media when there’s a rare spike on one disc. No exceptions with TYG02 - always wurk :slight_smile:

quality test is just for brags right saying my apple taste better then your apple. if a media does speed test flawlessly with no jerking or jittering I consider them good. I’m not a quality freak, I just want something that works. Just be glad that your disc don’t stop dead in the middle of reading cause it’s a bad burn where the quality and speed test will fail before reading the end of the disc. that’s what we should worry most about. if you are that concern about quality going bad, burn them twice with cheap media and you will have 200 percent backup.

I’ll most probably have 200% nothing in a few months. You’ll get my point eventually :wink:

hehe he certainly will find out - I burned a few 100 of them VDSPMSAB001 and VDSPMSAB 01 and after 3 months when 10% could not be read I panicked and bought TY discs and copies everything across. Now that was a hassle. From that day on I swore to only use good media. @sugarmommy: these disks are rubbish, and even though the scans look ok after burning the dye is unstable and out of 200 you WILL lose data. If you’re giving them to enemies they’ll read but if ur keeping them for yourself and its important then use something better.

OMG, what a waste!!!