Vdc sync errors. please help before insanity sets in



I have The latest NERO and have been burning my TV shows for over a year, with no issues. They are always perfect until this week when the last 3 disks I have burnt have had sound issues. The sound gets out of sync very early into it and worsens by the end, being almost 2 seconds out.

I have changed no settings nor have I altered the way I burn. Smart encoding is not enabled.

The file format that I am usually burning is AVI.

The files play fine in all my media players with NO sound errors. The error is not occurring until the disk is burnt. And for interest sake this error occurs when played on my PC and my DVD player.

Here’s hoping you are able to offer a suggestion or two as to what this new, extremely annoying problem is.



I’m no expert here, but thier are quite a few diffrent kinds of avi files. I have noticed in the past (with my own experiences anyway) that nero (or other programs) can sometimes have a problem with certain avi file formats. To test this, try converting an avi file that you have already done before to see if it works right. If it does, I would suspect that nero just doesn’t get along with that particular format of avi. If that is the case, I would sugest converting with another program (thier are several free ones)
If you like the final ooutput that nero does, you could just convert the file format and then let nero create the disk from the new file format.
Fyi if these files are coming from your own capture card, mpeg2 files are usally a lot more friendly for programs to deal with.


hey Rip it, tried burning an old file that was once successful and the error now comes into play…grrrrr!


ps na they are avi’s that are downloaded


Have you been defragging your hard drive regularly? If not, that has been known to be a factor causing sync errors.


just did a defrag and a new burn. still out of sync. The fact that this plays fine in all players, has burnt the same file successfully before i have no idea why this is occurring. is it codecs (what ever they are) is it my computer (baring in mind no probs before)