VCR will die, DVD is the future

I just posted the article VCR will die, DVD is the future….

Philips is predicting the demise of the VCR within three years and is also announcing its first DVD-Video Recorder.

Philips says the DVDR1000, based on DVD+RW technology, will herald the…

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ok er is dus een apple die dvd’s kan maken en een packard bell Æ’ 7000 :r die het kan maar wat kosten die dvd ram disks nou ?

I dont like DVD and I will not buy a dvd player or writer until I see the use of it and I can make fully compatible dvd disc for a price lower than pressed dvds… and I DONT WANT A PHILIPS…they are so mega crappy…

the problem with dvd, both for videos and for the pc disk, is that is solves problems that no-one was ever concerned about. there is currently no problem with cd space for all but the most ridiculous applications and games, with most getting onto a cd easily. what’s more nothing much has come out on dvd (as pc software) in how many years of sales? the dvd video format is even worse. they’ve replaced a technology who’s main strength was the fact that you could record to it with something that you cannot (until now). Also the quality is excessive; this is made plain by the fact that great quality length of video from a dvd can fit onto a CD with no noticible loss of quality (VCD). Sure VHS needs updating but DVD isnt the answer. I am of the belief that the cd does not need replacing yet at all.

VCD with DVD quality? Have you ever seen a DVD? :7

That might be a SLIGHT exageration but have you ever seen a properly ripped DVD put onto two CD as DivX? Look at some of the Dominion or VCDVault releases and you’ll see what he’s talking about. The quality, full screen on my 19" monitor is near perfect.

mmm… DVDs… Too expensive… Unless you get a great Television, you won’t notice the difference between a ‘good’ VCD and a ‘good’ DVD, ‘cause a normal family TV (say 68cm Sony, $1600 AUS) has only x amount of horizontal/vertical lines, and DVDs have x+y amount of horizontal/vertical lines, but TV only has x, so they can only display the x and left out the y… ‘’‘am I right?’’’

i am waiting for those vcd home video recorders to come out, I know there is one in Aisa that just came out.

We have it here already in AUS, cost $1,300 (JB Hi-Fi), less if paid in cash!!!

I still can’t understand how you find vcd able to compete to dvd. It is simply impossible because of the bitrate limitation. :7

Ok i’d like to take the opportunity to say that DVD is really on its way in replacing the VCR. When you think VCD is the answer…be my guest but within a few years DVD recorders will be less expensive (or cheaper, whatever budget you have :slight_smile: ) and so they will have gained a very large market share. Also prerecorded DVD’s will come to a price level which will be comparable with the prices for prerecorded videotapes we know now (about 30 guilders or so). Wanna know why ? Well since i work at the company which in first invented DVD (together with Sony) and also invented the CD. You might already know which company i mean. Actually this is not the main reason :). I’ve already seen some DVD (home-)recorders at work ! Marantz and Philips both already have production models waiting to be shipped to stores all over the world. Since there is not much demand for DVD-R’s or DVD-RW’s they are still somewhat expensive. When these models hit the stores the shit the prices will drop enormous. From $15 to about $5 or even less in wholesale. Compared to normal VHS tapes they are more expensive but quality has its price. When you can record 4 hours on a single sided single layer DVD-R or DVD-RW you can imagine what kind of things you can do with future double sided double layered discs. Even my mom doesn’t want my dad to buy a dvdplayer simply because Philips is going to release the DVD+RW home recorder at the end of this year in Holland :slight_smile: Don’t ask where you can get it…i can’t tell but the fact is…it REALLY works and the difference between DVD and VCR (or even VCD or SVCD) is HUGE. Mark my words…within 4 years everyone of you will own a DVD recorder (or you must be really living in a cave).

You won’t notice much difference if you don’t have the top of the range television mate… And they cost $15,000 (HK) for a crappy DVD-RW that only records 4 hours, no one older than 40 will buy them (yeah right, but it is true, will your father/mother/grandma/grandpa buy it?) You can record up to 12 hours with a VCR, and if you are a freak (you won’t be after you retired), use your hard disk drive instead!

VCD/SVCD are piece of crap - you need to change CDs. DVD rulez. Bad thing about DVD is that many of the players still play jerky motion (especially when camera pans) compared to VHS version (zero jerkiness). And you don’t need top of the range TV to see difference - just look out for sharpness and crisp colours with a good title that was encoded properly. Most TVs have same resolution anyway - unless you are talking about HDTV.

Who says you need to change CDs? You can pop 3 CDs in one player. BTW, if the title was properly encoded, you really won’t see any difference unless you pop your head right on the TV screen. The thing about DVD is the extra 750 mins or so of after movie crap/DTS surround/8 different subs, etc.

Some comments on all of these replies: 1. If you cannot tell the difference between a VCD and a DVD, you either need to get some glasses or buy a TV which is not older than 10 years. Because on ANY kind of current TV set you can tell the difference. Also, it is not true that the average TV has a maximum quality because of ‘x’ and ‘y’ number of lines. Quality depends on much more than just that. 2. Believe it or not, but there are more people out there who cannot make DVD’s and SVCD’s on PC’s than people who can. Surveys show over 70% of people would need a recorder type machine. 3. As for all those nifty DVD-RAM’s out there, don’t count on them becoming a video standard. They are not compatible. DVD-RW is somewhat, DVD+RW is fully compatible. For a comparison look up 4. The price is not as high as stated here. It’s approx. 2000 euro or 2500$ (announced by Philips today) and will drop fast. In a year or two it will be affordable. 5. All those films they fit on 2 CD’s using DivX or other stuff is nice for hardcore computer freaks. Fact of the matter is over 90% of the people like watching movies on their TV’s, not on their monitors. And there u can tell the diff. 6. Capacity. Sure, now DVD is usually at 4.7 GB capacity. Double sides at 9.4. But once they start recording dual layer (and they will) capacity is doubled. And there is more in the making… 7. CD will soon be the cheap solution for people saying ‘what do I need DVD for, it sucks’ but who in fact simply don’t have any money to buy it. Fact of the matter is that DVD players (not just PC Drives) are the best selling consumer product of all times so far. If you think DVD is not going to make it, you are not from this world. 8. Another fact: Surveys show, assuming that prices go beneath 1000$ (and they will) the DVD Video Recorder is the 1st item on the consumers wish list.