Vcr to pc hookup

Hello all,
First off I have to say the wealth of knowledge on this site is amazing and can’t thank you enough for everything I’ve learned just from reading. :bow:
Now here’s my problem, I bought a Dell e310 with XP Media center and tv tuner card, (ATI I believe) I want to convert old vhs to dvd and thought I would be able to figure it out on my own. WRONG. The tv card has the following 1 rca, coax, mini (headphone type) and s video. My vcr doesn’t have s video so I ran the caox cable from the vcr out to the card and can capture video NO audio though. So I bought a rca cable with a mini plug on the other end. Ran the rca from the audio out and the mini end to the card thinking this way would capture the audio. Wrong again, still no audio.
Now I get my Sony Hi8 camcorder out and run s video from the camcorder to the s video on the card and still no audio. I made sure the volume in control panal was not all the way down and thats all good.
I’m trying to capture using Roxio easy media creator basic. Any ideas?
Thanks for any help/guidance.

It may seem silly but are you sure it was the record level and not the output level in the control panel that you were turning up?

I have a few capture cards and there are diffrent ways that they hook up. I’m not sure about yours but there are a few things you can try. First, go to control pannel and look for sound and audio devices. Click the advanced tab on device volume and make sure nothing is muted. Some sound cards (like most sound blasters that I have used) may have a similar control pannel of thier own that you have to find and check.
the most common way to hook up seems to be to run sound directlly into your sound card/sound inputs, to the aux input or if nesasary the mic input, not into the capture card. The mini plug on your capture card may be an output (does it have video outputs?). Some cards require you to run sound into the capture card, and then use an audio loop back cable (basically a really short cable with mini plugs on both ends) from the capture card to the sound card. you also have to make sure in your capture software that you have the right sound source selected (you should be able to pick any input on your computer including the aux or mic inputs on your sound card).

See if any of those options work.

Thank you Ripit. I think I know exactly what you’re saying. I did check all the controls and nothing is muted. Mic input is up so that’s all good. Tomorrow I’ll try runing the sound into the mic jack and see if that works. I have a feeling this is gonna do the trick. I will check back tomorrow evening and let you know the outcome. Thanks again… :bow:

Ok Ripit,
Here’s your update. I ran the coax cable into the tv card and out of the vcr. Then I ran a rca plug out of the audio on vcr and into the SOUND CARD input. Bingo. I got audio and video. Now here’s my next issue. Audio is only coming out of left speaker. (It’s not a stereo recording or a stereo vcr) The cable I bought was a MONO mini plug to rca plug.
Issue 2… Everytime I try and capture it only grabs 5 seconds, seems like it’s capturing fine on the preview but when I play it back thru media player it’s only 5 seconds long. I opened up the software and found a place where it says to limit capture to 5 secs. Thought I found my problem, WRONG! I increased the time to 60 minutes and tried again and the same thing happens.
I’m using Roxio media creator 7. Maybe I should post this in the Roxio forum? I’m so close, yet so far away… Any ideas? Thanks so much for your help.

Update again,
OK now I have the length of recording working, just can’t seem to understand why it’s only coming out of 1 speaker. Is it because of the mini plug being a mono plug? My vcr is NOT stereo and the tape is NOT stereo, thats why I bought a mono plug. ANYBODY?

Yest the reason that you are only getting sound out of one speaker is that you used a mono cable. There is most liklly a way you could fix in in software but I couldn’t tell you how to do it or tell you if roxio can do it (you might need other software). I’m guessing your vcr only has 1 rca audio output? What you would want to do is use a splitter (y cable) and send sound from that one output to both outputs of a stereo cable. You wont get stereo but you will get mono sound on both channels. I’m not sure if there is a mono to stereo mini plug adapter avalable but that would work with your current cable if there is such a thing. You need to send sound to both channels to get sound from both speakers, even if it is mono.

Yes RIPIT there’s only 1 rca coming out of my vcr. Do I want to split the audio out ( 1 rca into 2 rca’s ) then back to the mini, or do I want to split the rca and then run it into a STEREO mini and into my sound card? THANKS so much…

You want to split the rca (1 rca into 2 rca’s) and then run the 2 rca’s into a stereo cable that has a stereo mini. The mono mini is only capable of sending sound to one channel.
So use a splitter like this
or this

And then a stereo rca to stereo mini like this

and then into your sound card. The stereo mini will send the signal to both left and right channels.

Do realize you will not get stereo sound (as your original source is not stereo), but you will get mono sound from both channels (both speakers).

It’s update time. Thank you so much Ripit. I’m so close I can taste it. Ok so I get the proper cables and sure enough I get sound from both channels. Issue number 1 finished. Thank you! Now when I capture and play back the avi thru media player it acts as though the file is only 5 secs long. While capturing everything looks great thru preview. I stopped the capture to check it out at about 20 minutes and sure enough the file’s 18 mg and only 5 secs long. :doh: Is my problem in Win media player? I set the capture software to limit capture to 120 mins! Any ideas? I do have some new capture software on the way. :cool: