We have many “old” VCR tapes that I would like to convert over to DVD’s because of storage space and age. Is there a program, presently available where after transferring the movie to a hard drive that will compress the Mpeg file into a playable DVD? Most of the software programs I have looked at will “not” do what is stated. Thank you.

The best is to capture them to AVI then use the many availble programs that can convert the AVI to a DVDR. I use DVD2SVCD with CCE for that job. Check out the Tutorials section for that.

to capture straight to MPEG2 DVD ready video is a very cpu/computer intensive task. You can buy a real-time MPEG encoder like Canopus Amber for about $2000, or spend several hours encoding to MPEG for much less. I choose the cheaper way. I have a Canopus ADVC100 as my capture device and I am very happy with the quality it produces. With most captures, audio/video sych is almost always an issue, but the ADVC100 locks the audio and video streams together. I ripped a 2 1/2 hour long vhs tape the other day and no sych issues. Plus, by encoding the .avi with an encoder, you can apply filters to improve the quality of the video from the original source with apps like VirtualDub and AVIsynth. Like Chickenman said, have a look at the tutorials…