VCR to DVD Problem

I have a PIII [1000] running XP . Recently I installed a Leadtek TV2000 Expert capture card, primarily to capture and burn home videos from VCR [Pal] and direct from Hi8. It came with the Winfast software, & Ulead Moviemaker 8.
I am a novice at this and have not found it easy at all. In fact I haven’t had any success yet. I connected the card to my onboard soundcard per instructions, connected my Canon Hi-8 and let 'er rip using the default settings in the PVR software provided. The resulting video was very jumpy, lots of frame dropout, and there is no sound at all. I read through the various threads here and elsewhere and decided to update my Leadtek drivers [which I did] then install Huffyuv, which appears to assist on slower PCU’s. I set up a profile in TV2000 using Huffy and a variety of other resolution, audio options but haven’t had any luck successfully capturing anything. No sound either.
I am wanting to convert to Australian Pal and resolution format so I can burn to DVD and play them on the standalone DVD player.
Any assistance from the knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it is basic user error, but I’m at a loss at the moment.
Thanks all.

On a P3 1000 you simply CANNOT have any other software running in the background, not even a virus checker or screen saver etc. Turn them ALL off. Saving with Huffyuv is a good idea. Try some different software, even the reliable and free VirtualDUB, they have lots of hints on thier homepage about capturing.

As for no sound, unless you go into your Sound Cards control panel and for RECORDING, set the default to Line In, then you will never get any sound.

I have great sucess personally with Ulead Studio Video 7 so I’d imagine your Ulead MovieMaker 8 would have the same caturing engine.