Ok. I heard you guys know your stuff around here so I was hoping you can help me out alittle.

I have alot of family video’s

(ON VCR TAPES) (Weddings/Parties/Vacations)

that I would love to convert over to DVD. What I need to know is what exactly would I need to buy to hookup my VCR to my PC??

Here is what I need to know if possible :

What type of Video Card ?
Program I can use to do this?
any other hardware I need?

Any instructions on doing this type of thing?

Thanks for the help in advance


hey bobby …

well what have used in past was a good video capture card … I like ATI brand … and then use a cable to get it over …depends on card if you use S video cable or rca cables … and then a program like ulead movie factory and doing it that way is very easy …ulead movie factory is really simple …and has a tutorial in the program to help you along …


What card do you suggest?? to work well doing this…If you know of any model types that would be great

ulead movie factory sounds pretty good. Have you used it to make your old VHS TAPEs to new DVD discs?

Hi Bobby115, welcome to the board!

This question has been answered before and I think there’s quite some useful information in this thread. If you got any questions left, feel free to ask!