Vcr tape ejecting

I have an old vcr that has not been used in years so I decided to clean the interior with 91% ispropyl alcohol using a lint free cloth. After cleaning the areas touching the tape and letting it dry completely, I inserted a tape with the top still off. The tape goes into position and the vhs tape door opens. Then the tape door closes again immediately without the video tape ever spooling out to the video heads. Then the tape casette is ejected.

Right where the hinged cassette door is after the tape is inserted, I cleaned what looks like a plastic pole. This piece appears to somehow be associated with the opening of the cassette door and the initial spooling of the tape into the vcr. Maybe while wiping this down I did something that causes the tapes to be immediately ejected.

Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to stop it from immediately ejecting my tape? (I don’t think that the tapes were not being immediately ejected until I cleaned this one plastic pole.)

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