VCR/DVD combo recommendation needed (urgently, really)

Hi, guys, and I’m hoping a few CDFreaks can come to my rescue on this.

I’m looking a good VCR/DVD combo unit. I had tried to find a unit where the VHS side will record to VHS, and the DVD side only plays DVDs. I’ve found indications on the 'net there are units like this, but I have not found one yet. About all I have come up with that comes close to this really isn’t close. Here’s the limited amount I’ve found:

PV-V4525S 4-Head VCR is excellently reviewed online and at Amazon; however, this is only a VCR Recorder.

I’m not interested in a dual VCR/DVD recorder that is bi-directional for this purchase, as I’m trying to find just the VCR Recorder/DVD player combo. I found some older Samsung model, but it appeared to come out in Nov 2002, and that’s too old. I’m looking for something that’s far more recent, say at least manuf’d Sept 2005. In other words, I would also like to find a unit that plays the standard DVD formats, especially formats you burn on your computer DVD burner (DVD+R/-R, bitset DVD-ROM, including CD/MP3, etc.)

I’ll keep looking, but I would seriously hope some CDFreak knows of one. Surely there is a combo unit like I’ve specified that is ~$ 80 (and I’m in the U.S.). Any quick (but knowledgable) suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :iagree:

I’ve found this model, but according to Amazon’s reviews, it does not play bitset DVD-ROM. Can anyone confirm this and does anyone know if it will play standard recorded DVD+R (not bitset)?

Philips DVP3050V/37 DVD/VCR Combo

Oops! Then I find this one review at, and it says the unit is outdated? Anyone know the manuf’d date offhand? I’ll keep checking online (while I wait to see if the calvary arrives to help me). :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I would be willing to go into the $100 range if it’s a really good VHS recorder/DVD player combo, but only with that provision.

Looks like I’m doing well to answer my own questions. :doh: :rolleyes: Well, either way, this research will be here for posterity’s sake, I suppose. Seriously, though, I would appreciate someone’s input, as there has to be someone who has a good unit in one of these, that won’t break the bank for me to buy and be good quality.:iagree:

The “newer brother” of the model listed above is listed like this:
Philips DVD/VCR Combo (DVP3150V)

There’s some pretty notable trouble in it eating VHS tapes and somehow the problem isn’t elminated by a good cleaning. :eek: Also, some signal trouble transfers to the picture. Looked like a good deal at Circuit City for $83.99 and it IS bi-directional recording, curiously. It does lack the same “no eject” button on the remote the DVP3050 has, although it seems to play more formats (DVD+R and perhaps DVD-ROM bitset is inferred). However, seems like it is not a good buy for the trouble is has, based on user reviews(the ones who really provided details make it seem one to avoid, and I’m inclined to agree with those much more). Here are the Eopinions specs on this model, for additional reference.

I hope someone reads this and greatly benefits from this research, as I am (but having to go it alone right now, obviously). That straight VHS recorder is looking better all the time, sadly. :sad:

I might have found a winner, although I tend to shy away from Sony b/c of its proven lack of quality control on the “flaming lithium-ion” notebook battery snafu (that 3 different people tied clearly to “poor manufacturing and poor quality control”). However, this unit (Sony SLV-D370P DVD Player / VCR Combo) looks very promising, as it records VHS and appears to play all the DVD formats (DVD Video • VCD • SVCD • DVD-R • DVD-RW • DVD+R • DVD+RW • SACD • CD (Audio) • CD-R • CD-RW • Picture CD, and hopefully with DVD+R, it will play +R bitset as DVD-ROM). If you go here, you can access the reviews on it, which have been overwhelmingly positive. About the only drawback any users mention is the “crowded” remote, with all its buttons.

It’s also $104.99 after MIR from Circuit City. I’ve never had trouble with CC, so I think I’ll go for it. :iagree:

Yea, Circuit City has a very good return policy. I’ve never had any problems returning things there. I’d buy it and play with it for a week or so to see if it is what you want, if not just take it back and try another brand or get a refund. I did it 3 times in 3 weeks trying to find just the right DVD player.