VCD'S RUILEN / LIJST - (dutch only)



Wie wil met mij vcd's ruilen in Nederland?

Hieronder staan de vcd's die ik heb, mail mij jou lijst als je wilt ruilen, kopen kan ook!


American Pie - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Blade - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Blue Streak - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Fight Club - Screener (2cd)
Lake Placid - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Predator 3 Interceptors- DVD-RIP (1cd ASF)
Scream 3 - Telesync (2cd)
South Park: The Movie - DVD-RIP (2cd)
The Bone Collector - Screener(2cd)
The Green Mile - DVD-RIP (3cd)
Three Kings - Screener(2cd)

Email me!

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please speak english here!!!
or the topic will be closed…

I want to trade the vcd three kings with you… I have

007 the world is not enough 2cd
the mummy 2cd
austin powers2
star wars episode 1
scream 3 1cd,asf

mail at


Yep, you’re right drcash, you now can post the message again in plain english or you put [dutch only] in the new topic

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