VCD's problem

I can’t play the vcd’s (*.dat) Mediaplayer doens’t accept those files, en when i try to play the files with xingmpegplayer it doesn’t work either. Can somebody help me please?? thx

VCD’s will almost always play on a DVD decoder program such as PowerDVD.

Are you talking open the trick where you shift & click, and open with Windows Media player?? Version 6.4 and 7 will but I dont if the other version will. I found out that trick by mistake. The way you do it, is to find the huge file on the vcd(usually in a folder that says mpegav or something to that effect, right click on it while holding the shift key, the box will come up with open, …open with, highlight open with, then after you do this find windows media player(if that’s waht you have) then choose it, a ugly warning message will come up and say something running system files …blah blah blah, click yes to open the file(remember to take the check mark out the box when you open with, and then BAM it should start up.


what i just do it open file —> then select all file types -> in the mpegav folder --> AVSEQ01.dat[usually the name]

n watch the movie lol

.dat are mpeg files
xing i use to vieuw my vcds n its made for mpeg files… i have never had an7 probz with xing

mediap layer sux tough , has stupid fits sometimes , i watched vcds on 6 n 7