VCDs in one VCD

I am new for video editing. I have learnt Premiere and Combustion. Now I have got a project. I have to cut necessary parts from different VCDs and merge it into one and make it 1 VCD.

I converted all .dat into .mpeg. Frame of that is 352X240.Now I have to break into pieces and merge in one dat file.

I am in confusion that while begining new project in Premiere what should be the frame size, compressor and other settings? I have to add scrollings and some text matters and I don’t wanna loose quality. If i begin with 352X240 I am afraid that quality of text matters may loose. So Please help how to start the project.

I never used Premiere. But couldn’t you do the same with TMPGenc___MPEG Tools ___ Merge & Cut, once you converted DAT --> MPG?
Of course, no quality loss since you just merge the mpegs…
(I speak of mpegs, not of ‘projects’)