VCD's Don't Work in my DVD Player

Well I’ve been making VCD’s now and then which I can watch in my DVD player. I’ve made a few until I ran out of CD’s. Well I recently bought cheap cd’s. They are $15 for 100cds. I know they are not good quality and would damage easier than other blank cds. So far they work fine, until I started making VCD’s. For some reason, VCD’s I make with these CD’s don’t work in my DVD player! My DVD player would read ERROR. But they work fine on my computer or my laptop. If I was to insert these in my computer, it would read normal and would work/play.

Is it possible for DVD players to give an error and not read the CD just because it’s crappy quality?


Looks like its the crap media you are using if they worked ok before…

Son Of A $#%!#!!! :frowning: