VCD writing speed

I use Nero with my LiteOn 24102B and would ask
what are the better and best discs to write on when
creating VCDs for my Standalone DVD player.

Currently I use an old Sony CRX145 10 speed burner
to write my blank TDKs to VCD at 2X speed to make
it playable. The LiteOn delivers artifact at the higher
write speeds during the authoring process.
Funnily enough a CloneCD diskcopy of other
VCDs of any kind can be written by the
LiteOn with excellent results at max speed
and are read easily in the DVD player.

Any help would be appreciated to get the faster
write speeds of the LiteOn and playable in
my Omni 2002KD DVD player when compiling a

If someone has similar gear to me and knows
of a better program than Nero that will deliver
what I am after that would be appreciated

Thanks Scott

cdrw disks seem to be better for playing in standalone dvd players.
Has something to do with structure of the disks…or something
It works ok with me…and using your Lite-on you can write at 10 speed

i use cheap Intenso 80 min. cdrw disks and they work great on my yamaha 2100e

when writing VCD and SVCD I use whatever disk I have around at the time, a lot of the time these will end up being memmorex 80min cd-r’s. I burn at max speed, and they work just fine in my stand alone Apex AD1000 AD500 and AD600-A. I always use Nero to burn my VCD’s and SVCD’s, but I hear that Ulead’s DVD MovieFactory give’s good results as well. I just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. For more info on the max bit-rate for VCD’s on your DVD Player you should check out the DVD Player’s list at here