VCD with L/R audio (Karaoke) convert to DVD?


I have karaoke vcd but I wanna make them to DVD. I've tried it but I cannot change the audio to left/right. What software can I use to have the options to change?

 Another problem is with the .DAT file I have. It seems that I cannot add to nero to burn as DVD. It says error. When I tried open with virtualdub. It says pack syncronization error. Are there any software that can let me open it and re-code it so it can be burn to DVD movie? Your help and advise would really help alot. Thanks!!

EDIT : TPMGEnc doesn’t work either

You can use TMPGEnc DVD software…select bi-language (the default is mono) options on the audio section…it should work…

you can have 6 VCD in 1 DVD-R and playback on your DVD player…