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Here is an interesting item. Apparently it’s a walkman that will play mp3 cdr/cdrw, normal audio & VCD v1 & v2 !! It has an audio out & a video out. It supports Variable Bit Rate mp3’s & will display…

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I have one of these from the UK. Cost me GBP89.99 Fantastic bit of kit, has built in anti-shock, and sounds great. Not sure if it plays SVCD’s yet, but definintely plays VCD’s

:9 It there anybody out there who wanna buy me this ??!! :4

Old news, i have the old napa player with vcd support already for 2 years. :stuck_out_tongue: It worked perfect! Only the player is to big, i think. :R

hmm so you connect it to your TV or something? looks also. What about mp3 info on tv? How can I see this? thx for the info stvastva :slight_smile:

As my friend pointed out, the problem with this is that it doesn’t play DivX. I’ve got TONS of DivX but no vcd’s :frowning:

What to do?!?!?

Wonder why no company builds a DivX player since everyone seems to want one :slight_smile: Anyone has the knowhow to do this? :7

The problem with creating a DivX :wink: Player is that decoding divx movies requires an ENOURMOUS (misspelling probably) amount of CPU power. Try playing a divx movie on someting less than a 600MHz machine and see what you get. Now how are we going to put all that power in a CD Player? We can’t yet. Not even laptops are that small. We need too much power and it produces too much heat and it would be too big to be practical. Sorry guys. You’re just going to have to wait.

That’s not true i have a 450 CPU it works perfect full screen DivX perfect so what you are saying totally not true DivX has nothing to do with CPU Power but with graphics Card try playing DivX with a 8 MB video card now that doesn’t work but it does not matter if you have a 600 or lower.

I also have this napa player and it performs very well. Dirty cheap too :8

You guys get too excited about DivX. I have watched the same movie on a Cel300@450 and then on an AMD1000 and I can tell you that the difference was amazing. But nothing can be better than the real thing, DVD :7

you don`t need such a super cpu in a stand alone divx player because you can burn special divx instructions in the cpu.

Dont forget it also depends on the bitrate of the divx that determines how much cpu is required. :wink: 500@563 (soon to be higher when my slocket arrives) —Why not just make it as big as a vcr? (Like that one “computer” divx player that required the “special” OS soft.) The demand is high, so i’m sure someone will bring it into the market.

Divx sucks. I’ll stick with SVCD and VCD. If you have a powerful computer. ei… 1200mhz. Then the quality is about the same. I can also play the vcd’s I make on my standalone in the living room where it should be. Why would I waste time watching a movie on a computer. unless its on a laptop on a plane or something.

Why should you watch a movie on your computer when you can watch it on T.V.? I’ll tell you why, because your computer screen has the resolution that is equivalent to a $3,000.00 high-definition television; that’s why. While the low resolution of normal television sets make VHS & VCD look really good, nothing can compare to the high resolution video playback of a DVD on a computer screen except for those high-priced high definition television sets. …&…DivX;-) is the Mp3 of video giving us high defintion (DVD-like) video playback in a file format that works with normal Cd-r’s - after all: we *are Cd Freaks, right?

Yes, this claims to put the titles & I suppose the directories on the T.V. screen of the mp3 files. Those of you who have one of these: DO TELL!!! The variable bit rate is a good thing. **What I don’t want in a DivX;-) player is one of those walkman DVD players with a tiny screen that is really expensive. What I do want is to be able to put the DivX;-) Cdr into player (walkman or DVDplayer style) & watch it on the Tv of my choice while piping the audio through the Surround sound or 5.1 audio system. Some DivX;-) issues that aren’t mentioned in these postings yet: DivX;-) has no ‘track markers’ or locate points. You can’t designate “Chapters” yet. Maybe I’m wrong & it exists, but I don’t know about it. Other than that, just make a basic Walkamn DivX;-) player & I’ll buy it. *One other thing if you are still reading this: I have had trouble converting my home-made DivX;-) files into a VCD mpeg compatible file (to play in the DVD/VCD player). Anyone else experience this?

DIV-X poor ass quality modafucka… DvD till we die… portable DvD player would be relax

Funprice ( is selling these things for quite a while already (FL 299,-) so that’s no news. anyway, why would you want to look at crappy VCD quality nowadays? ofourse this player will not play SVCD (MPEG-2; like DVD), that is totally diff. from VCD (MPEG-1)

D*mn, previous posting got lost… forgot to register :). What I had to say was that BuG2FiX is right and there’s also another site which sells this Napa players, check , they don’t sell it at the moment (temporary unavailable), a few months ago was written on the napa-player-page that the napa-player didn’t fit their quality demands and was therefore removed from the shop. After a week I believe the message was removed and replaced with temporary unavailble a bit strange… However, this is nothing new, the model on this page is the newest I guess, and it looks better to, but keep your eyes open for these players! :). Sorry 4 my broken English by the way, i’m only a 15-year-old ;). Ow, almost forgot, price on Koopjessite was FL 275,-, about $110 I believe…

CPU has nothing to do with it i have over a 1000 DivX movies all different bitrates, sizes… they all work perfect on my 450 so please stop saying it has something to do with CPU power cause it doesn’t.