VCD(?) unreadable by WinXP


I just came across a VCD(?) that WinXP doesn’t seem to recognize at all, yet when I put it in a cheap hardware VCD player it works like a charm. I tried making an image with Alcohol 120%, thinking the media might be somewhat unreadable (it’s blemish-free though, no scratches whatsover), but the image mounted in Alcohol’s DVD drive also can’t be read by Windows. Tried sticking it in a Dell notebook drive with Win98, and it show up as an Audio CD (but it can’t play it the video as well).

So I was wondering what the problem could be… I don’t think the VCD’s “broken” or corrupt, since the hardware VCD player can play it fine. I’m using an old Lite On LTR-24102B CD-RW and a Liteon LTN483S CD-ROM to read it. The Dell drive is one of those old Dell Latitude swappable drives.

Oh, and I used Xing VCD player and Windows Media Player 8.0 that came with WinXP.

I’m really stumped why this is happening. If you have any idea what this CD’s problem is, I’d appreciate your help. :bow: Thanks :slight_smile:

While I would think Xing should handle it just fine…it sounds to me that you are missing a codec. Are you able to play other VCD’s on this XP box?

Yes sir, other VCDs play just fine. :confused:

Anyhow, i found other VCDs that simply wouldn’t play in my computer but would play fine on a standalone VCD player. I don’t know how these VCDs were recorded or encoded, I just got them from a friend who didn’t want to bring his recorded cartoons collection with him. :bigsmile:

I really haven’t tried that codec suggestion though… any codecs that you think I should have in order to play any VCD? Some VCDs give me that “MCI Error” thingy, and I was wondering that some missing codecs might be the culprit.

Thanks for any help you could give me on this. :slight_smile:

attatched are some links to sites that deal with codecs…that think about svcd/vcd. Different opinions run about nimo’s package…but alot of codecs in it.

If it’s a burn, and japanimation…I’d lean divx as the source file…:slight_smile:

not nessecarily a vcd codect oriented site…but useful codec links as well…:slight_smile:

There is NO codecs needed to be installed for VCD playback, thay have been an integral part of Windows 95 and onwards.

Some commercial VCD’s have a simple header protection added to screw things up to prevent copying. Solution, just use IsoBuster and depending on what it brings up, right click Track 2 and “Extract but filter only M2F2 Mpeg frames”. Or if you see any files, right click the AVSEQ01.dat or Movie01.dat file and select the same option as I mentioned above. You now have an extarcted MPG file on your HD and just use Nero or VCDEasy to burn the mpg as a VCD back to a CDR.

Thanks chickenman, your solution worked. :slight_smile: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks also to ZigZagMan for trying to help. :slight_smile: