VCD TRADING - ( Trade with me! )




Im a trustable dealer and I'm looking for people who like to trade some vcd's with me.

As you can see my collection is not very big, but all are good quality.

E-mail me your list to the address below and maybe we can trade:

(I prefer trading with dutch peeps)


American Pie - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Blade - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Blue Streak - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Fight Club - Screener (2cd)
Lake Placid - DVD-RIP (2cd)
Predator 3 Interceptors- DVD-RIP (1cd ASF)
Scream 3 - Telesync (2cd)
South Park: The Movie - DVD-RIP (2cd)
The Bone Collector - Screener(2cd)
The Green Mile - DVD-RIP (3cd)
Three Kings - Screener(2cd)




i wanna trade with you, ftp or ptt? Contact me via mail if you wanna trade


Is it possible to buy to???

please mail me: