Vcd to VHS! problems with the matrix and the fight club



i tried to copy cruel intentions from vcd to vhs! it worked, nice quality!
then I tried the matrix and the fight club...
didn't worked!:
look like they are protected...the view is bad, black and white, no sound, just doesn't work at all.....please help me...
witch program to use for it?
or what must i do to do it right?
thanxx already!
bye bye pheno


Probely are The Matrix and The Fight Club in NTSC format. I bought a DVD-Speler RAITE 713. It can play DVD, MP3, VCD, SVCD and karaoke CD’s. It’s costs FL.700,-. With this Player you can play al region DVD’s. Maybe the sell them at the BENELUX COMPUTER beurs te EINDHOVEN.


thanxx for replying, but when it’s in ntsc format, is there absolutely no way to copy it to a video tape?(vhs)
i hope so, because i really need it…
this is the thing: i can play the vcd, i can watch it on my tv, but when i copy it do the tape and i play the tape, it all get wicked!
i hope you know a solution…
bye bye and thanxxx…