Vcd to vcd

Hi folks, this should be a piece of cake for the average burner so please help me out. I just produced my first VCD from a Divx file (movie). So bloody pleased with the end result I now want to immortalize it by burning it from my test cd-rw to cd-r.
However as it contains both audio and data I wonder if this could be classified as a “Multi-” or “Mixed-” cd having certain implications for the burning software/process/project to be used. Is that so or can I just copy it as any old cd wih any old burning software? I am using Roxio Platinum. Any help/advice/suggestions are very welcome.

You should be able to copy it with any CD-writer program. Even with Roxio :stuck_out_tongue: Just hit “cd-copier” (or whatever it’s called by Roxio) and there you go.

Was doing some investigative research in the meantime, read this somewhere on the forum and got really worried:
VCDs that can be played only on standalone players and unreadable/unplayable on CD/DVD-ROM drives, so the disc can’t be burned/copied.

Horsecrap or just a totally different can of beans?

Uhm I never heard of those VCD’s, but from what I know, Roxio (and Nero) produce standard VCD’s that are compatible with “any” VCD/DVD and CDROM player.

Thanx, wil give it a go.

Rite, different beans; no problem whatsoever. Pfui! After all the crap you read about Roxio you’re amazed every time you produce anything other than a coaster!

Check out the sweet taste of Nero and you’ll never use Roxio again :wink:

Did that for quite some time ago. Found it a bit of a hassle then; not as “user-friendly” as then Adaptec. Hope things changed in the meantime; will give it a try.