VCD to SVCD conversion guides

Hi everyone,

Will someone please post me some conversion guides on how to convert from VCD to SVCD?? TMPGEnc gave me an error that it was unsupported and couldn’t open the movie. I don’t know why. Please reply back and thanx for any help.

I think ”Ha! CD burner manager “ will do the job.
Is free download from internet.


Originally posted by slayerking

there’s actually no vcd to svcd guide there.

is there any specific reason u want to convert vcd to svcd? u won’t get improved quality; in fact, it can only reduce quality. i’m not sure i see any advantage in converting to svcd.

I seen the SVCD to VCD on that link so i was going to follow along with that guide and set it up as SVCD not VCD. On that site it said that the MPEG Plugin for TMPGEnc was at the bottom of the tutorial but i didn’t see the plugin anywhere on that page. Does anyone know where i can get the MPEG plugin for TMPGEnc free to download?? Thanx everyone.