I want to copy my existing VCDs onto DVD-rs. My DVD-RW software is Nero 6.

In the DVD-Video section in Nero, the only files accepted to be put on a DVD-Video is Vob, bub and ifo. How do I make a sucessfull copy of my VCDs onto DVDs?

Sorry if it seems a stupid question, but I’m new here!


Nicolai Denmark

You would use Nero Vision Express. Make DVD-> DVD-Video. NVE will accept any vid file, VOB, AVI (Xvid, Divx), MPEG1/2. Just pull the vid file out of the MPEG2 folder in on the VCD. Once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple, you can merge, create chapter stops and menus if you like. The encoded result may not be as good as various dedicated encoders, but you may find the results acceptable. Try it and see for yourself. The main drawback is the Dolby 2 audio produced never sounds right on my Harmon-Kardan reciever unless I reset all the levels.

You might also find VCDGear (free) helpfull. It’s good for pulling/converting/fixing various MPEGs.

Hi, Nicolai I’ll suggest you to try “TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.5” for this task. Many people around here prefer “DVDLab” but I had some trouble with this software, when it comes to VCD’s.

Endelig en Dansker :smiley: