Ok, so I have to .bin files for a two CD VCD. Is it possible to merge the two .bin files, and then what program would I use to reencode the movie into DVD format? I know very little about VCD, is there a program I have to use to extract the video out of the 'bin file so that I can reencode it? Thanks.

First, you can mount the images on a virtual drive and simply copy all the files to your hd. Or you could use WinIso, Isobuster or CDMage to extract everything right from the bin image.
Secondly you have to convert the *.dat file (which is the actual movie on a vcd) to mpeg with e.g. vcdgear. The you can join the mpeg files with e.g. mpegjoin. Then you have to convert the mpeg file to a dvd compliant format e.g. with TMPGenc.

There are various other tools to help you out, I only mentioned a few.

Thank you, that answers my question perfectly. :slight_smile:

No reason to mount and copy. Get VCDGear (free) it will pull directly from the bin or cue file.