VCD to DVD and more

Ok I have managed to take 4 VCD’s to DVD that will play with a menu on a stand alone DVD player. Thanks to all who helped. Now I have a VCD that is on 2 disks. How do I merge the two DAT files using tmpgenc so that I am left with a mpeg file that can be used in a dvd?

Also the DVD was burned as UDF/ISO but wont play in a PS2. what format can I burn it to so that the DVD plays on all players?

Many thanks to all that helped and are still helping:)

how do I copy a VCD - i tried with easy CD creator 4.02 and was unable to do it. it made a copy but I couldnt play the copy in my standalone DVD player. I can play the original copy in my DVD player. I noticed that the original copy has 2 tracks vs only 1 track in the copy of the copy that I made. Why is that and how do I make an exact copy of the original without running into the illigal operation that the software keeps throwing at me.