VCD & SVCD with WinOnCD 5.02.826

I have tried to make 1 VCD and 1 SVCD with WinOnCD, but the SVCD does not come read…
Instead with Nero I haven’t problems with the SVCD.
Obviously the files had the right resolution, bitrate, etc…

Some idea? (you don’t say, please, “don’t make SVCD with WinOnCD”!)


i cant see there are any possibility to do wrong.
you only have to drag the file over.

start a SuperVCD project and just drg the mpeg2 file down. that should be it. i have not had any problem with that, altho i dont use WinNoCD for (S)VCD much, since there are better options.
(you could see my site)

what version of WinOnCD do you use, i have 3.8.

I have found the problem!
It isn’t WinOnCD, but PowerDVD: it can’t read the CD made with WinOnCD!!!

With WinDVD I can see SVCD made with WinOnCD!