Vcd size files on dvd?

I was wondering if burning a 700 mb or less size file on a dvd will preserve or increase the audio & picture quality more so than burning it to vcd

Preserve: Well, there is that extra layer of scratchproofing plastic on top.

Increase quality: No! Infact, audio quality will certainly go down if you have to reencode the audio to the DVD standard 48kHz (as opposed to VCD’s 44.1kHz).

Personally i’d convert the vcd to dvd format, if the vcd file has a normal quality, you
should get after converting a better quality with for example a higher bitrate, resolution,
ac3 sound etc.!

Incorrect. You can’t ADD quality by re-encoding. You can only LOSE quality. In a PERFECT WORLD you would KEEP the same quality but gain the benefit of fastforward/rewind/skip.

There are exceptions, though. My Pioneer 525 does a HORRIBLE job of rendering MPG1/VCD… so upsampling to MPG2/DVD will always LOOK better on my Pioneer. But it won’t actually BE higher quality. On a unit that does a good job with MPG1, the new encode would look worse and sound worse.

Like you said there are exceptions, and personally i had them many times, where the
converted files looks much better. Also it depends most on the standalone player, which
the best way would be to test it. Mine doesn’t like much vcds and svcds. That’s why i
said personally i’d do this. And fact is what i meant with quality is a dvd has a higher bitrate, resolution etc. than a vcd, but at least how the end result is, that’s another
thing again :wink:

The only reason I could think of for converting a VCD to a DVD is to get multiple movies & menuize (Is there such a word?) them.
I’m with Gurm on the quality bit.

Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific, I’m referring to mpeg, avi, and in general video files I download from Limewire & bit torrent that are 700 mb or less. Not video files already in vcd format.

In which case the answer is definitely to DVD as going to VCD/SVCD will certainly loose quality , both video & audio.
However, if it’s animation it might still look good as VCD.