VCD running in computer only



I created avi file using Premiere 6.0 in None compression 352X240, 48 KHz Audio and burned with Nero creating Video CD. It played in computer. In middle part of video, I got hiss sound. When i tried to play the video in standalone VCD player. It didn’t play. Pls help. I want my video to be played in all players. Here I am not concerned with DVDs.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not a big expert, but maybe the problem lies with the 48 kHz sound, which is not VCD-compliant (they must have 44.1 kHz audio). You should modify it (I usually use TMPGenc to encode an input AVI in a fully compliant mpeg-1 VCD movie, and THEN adding the mpg in nero, [I don’t directly add an AVI because Nero is a lame encoder]).


Yeah, TMPGEnc will do a good job if you carefully follow this guide:

TMPGEnc is trialware for MPEG2, but VCD conversions are not limited. As to the other tools required by this guide, VirtualDub is free. For VCDEasy, google for VCDEasy (last freeware version), it’s still out there.

Nero can do AVI to VCD conversion? [scratches head]
If so, you could try this:

Get VirtualDub. Open it.
File -> Open Video File
Audio -> Full Processing mode
Audio -> Conversion -> Sampling rate -> 44100 Hz -> OK
Video -> Direct Stream Copy
File -> Save as AVI

(You’ll need a lot of hard drive space for uncompressed AVIs.) This operation will take 10 minutes or so, depending on your machine. Feed the new AVI to Nero.

Good luck. :slight_smile: