Vcd ripper

I am trying to get the audio music off my vcd (in mpeg and dat file),
Does anyone know a program that can do this that is free,
I dont want trial that can only do less than 1 minute because its worthless. Please help me I have been trying to do this for days.
I been downloading programs and converting to different formats.
I need a easy way to do this.


once you extract the .mpg run the mpg file through TMPGEnc’s MPEG Tools:
File>MPEG Tools>DeMultiplex… click on the audio stream and hit run. You’ll have a .MP2 file now that you can convert to .wav or whatever you desire

Which one do i download because the vcdgear v3.55 doesn’t have a file option.

vcdgear v3.55 is what you need, use the DAT to MPEG option and untick the detect mpeg errors. You will then have a true MPEG file which TMPGEnc will demux into its video & audio streams.