VCD ripper?

I have a movie in .bin format.
I mount/open the file and it is in vcd format.

Is there a program that rips VCD’s or VCD files to .avi or .mpg???
(ie. convert the .DAT file to .avi or .mpg)

please reply, thanks.

I can play it with VLC media player but I need to convert the .bin file to .avi or .mpg.

Vcdgear from

Discjuggler will also do so.

I also tried crudely just renaming the file with the .mpeg extension instead of .DAT extension (since .DAT is just a different name for an mpeg file anyways).
Then I tried to convert it from .mpeg to .avi with a converter.
That didn’t work.

I’ll give vcdgear a try.
thanks much.

A .dat file is an mpeg file, but it has some additional information in the file header, so that is why it didn’t work :slight_smile:

well i didn’t think it would work before i even tried it.
vcdgear works perfect though.