Vcd reading locked to 8x

my “samsung cdrw 248f” 48x drive locks itself to 8x while reading VCD’s. This is really costing me some valuable time as it takes awfully long time to copy VCD movies to harddisk. Is there anyway to unlock the drive and make it read at 48x? It reads data CD’s at 48x . VCD’s are actually datas themselves.(i’m not sure) just can’t understand why it locks itself while reading Vcd’s. tried using nero drivespeed and cdbremse but to no help.

slowing drives down to read anything but pressed data discs is not uncommon, and i’ve never of heard ways to remove such limitations. slowing down to 8x when ur drive is capable of 48x is especially bad though. my 166S slows from 48x to 40x to read (s)vcds.