Vcd + pub + apocalypse



First of all I need to know or there is a pub tot upload vcd’s ( iso bin/cue ) to.

Second of all I want to know or Apocalypse is a reliable dealer.

Greetz Jojk


Yep they are, i got my cd’s within a week



check our site! <-- ! Atatched

evil is everywhere and the devil is always there.

apocalypse! crew member.


Please Phreack, we know now that you like Apocalypse!, you don’t have to say we rule everytime our name is mentioned…
And you’re not a crew member (maybe one day that dream of yours will come true =) But for now not yet…)
And although I’m currently a little behind schedule, we deliver within a week after payment…(currently 2 or 3 days max with medium sized orders)


The Mystic
Apocalypse! Crew Member! <== “!” attached!!!