VCD protection. VCDGear fails to extract

I have several VCDs that are somehow protected.
I want to back up these VCDs into DVD by merging them.
The problem is VCDGear will fail to extract them into MPG properly.
Without “Fix Error” option disabled, it will only create a small chunk of the real video (say 20MB out of 600MB), and VCDGear will finish.
With “Fix Error” enabled, it will create around 40-50 small parts ranging from 2-3MB, 10MB, 22MB, 6MB, and so on.

Anybody has advice how to solve this problem? What kind of protection is this ?
I thought VCD could not have CD protection, but I was wrong.

Have you tried Isobusters, extract their track (not AVSEQXX.DAT) to MPG, ignore tracks with little filesize, maybe they are protected DATA (not movies). I believe it can be done easily.

IT WORKS. I have tried Isobuster, and I got the how-to guide from
And it successfully extracted all my Video CDs to MPG file. It even read some of my VCDs which are badly damaged. The result is stunning, the extracted MPG is almost free of errors. I was very surprised because they usually show lots of MPEG bad blocks when I see it with on my stand-alone player. But after extracted with Isobuster, the resulted MPG is almost perfectly clean.

THANK YOU for pointing me to the right direction.