VCD protected by Nero

I tried copying some .dat files from a Karaoke disc built by Noro Burning Rom but couldn’t. I also tried VCDCutter to convert it to .mpg files (as usual, I can do this to bypass copy-protected VCD’s) but it failed. What can I do now?:frowning:

I always use ISOBuster to extract protected VCDs and always work except when the VCD is very badly scratch.

It will extract .DAT files into MPEG file.

Why don’t you try ISOBuster from:

I tried ISOBuster but the file ISOBuster extracts is .bin file. How can I convert it to .mpg?

Have you tried extracting with your right mouse-button?
( Select file, right-click, choose sth with mpeg).
The newest version (0.99.8) should do it, unfortunately I am at work and can’t find out exactly how it works…


Yeah, that’s right, I forgot to tell you that you have to right click the .DAT file and choose Filter MPEG frames. Also don’t forget to change the file extension to .MPG in the save dialog.