VCD problem

I’m using Ulead DVD factory to burn AVI file to CD but my DVD/VCD player will not read the disc. Any suggestions?

Read the tutorials here:

Any success?

Are you sure your DVD Player is capable of reading VCD’s. What speed did you burn them at (slow is GOOD) and what media are you using?

Yes, that worked, but I think I’m going to stick with DVD’s It’s a lot easier and much better picture quality

Lol (cross out the obvious, eh? :p)

Yeh, I was looking for a cheaper alternative to burning DVD’s,and VCD is not the answer if you don’t want to lose picture quality.
Hopefully, DVD prices will continue to drop. When I started this hobby, DVD
blanks were $5.00 a pop…now there down to around $2.00 a couple of years later. When they get to 30 cents, I’ll be in heaven.