VCD problem

hey-had missed that guide cause the heading said Dvd

1-the CD writer part is grayed out.ur guide said to install force aspi 4.60,whereas… earlier on some posts in this forum itself …i had seen posts on the contrary…so shd i go ahead ,what does it do…where can i find it.i am running win 98.

2-on one tab it says BIN file outputt…and it makes a bin file in my c drive…whereas i just wanna burn a simple vcd movie and chk out if the slowing thing happens here also??wht am i doing wrong?

hey cm,do let me know ,plan to burn some vcds tonight

also,when u mentioned earlier ,about demux my old vcds ,using those mpgs,but the videoo file in da vcd is a dat file.ill need to first convert that into an mpg ,right??.. bfore using tmpenc

DL force aspi -but it doenst instal-starts up and then disappears -no error messssage-
now wat ?
and pl let me know abt the DAT file.

CM ,did ya miss this …Mate…!!

I always miss posts on other questions made by others that bear no resembelance to the original thread topic. Thats a suttle hint to always post new problems in a new thread rather thant attatch to an old semi-related thread. :bigsmile:

VCDEasy always makes a cue/bin file from your MPG files, then burn it out if you have told it to do so. You need to setup VCDeasy to tell it what burner you have. It wont automatically find end enable it, you must do it.

As for the aspi problem, get a program called Check ASPI (sorry I havent a link) to see what aspi files you have on your system. If you have Nero installed, VCDEasy can use those fine though.

Get yourself VCDEasy also, the last of the free versions

that bear no resembelance to the original thread topic

sorry M8.
bu t thought the topic head -was general enuff to cover my query -whic was about vcd porblems anyway-
only 2 problems -had been haunting me for almost more than a month(all other probs -iv solved and become a pro at that)
-1-low volumes
and 2-slow video frames-hence had kinda put a halt to that activity–had a lot of encoded mpgs though

1st prob-havent encounterd it again so let s see
2nd- briefly solved the ASPi prob in vcd easy-read up some guieds since i didnt get any answer-but new prob

so i did Crdao integration -then aspi came on since i had Nero-
my writer was located
then i tried to burn…a mpeg
it did scanning…then created one 1 BIN,1 cue and 1 xml file…
it kept saying creating bin file–when it was already done–then i cancelled -but that also hung- tried thrice
uniinstalled ,then installed again-
now it says-crdao error-so doesnt detect the writer again

now my query is
a-wat next
b-for Aspi issue-shd i try to install force aspi or use check aspi-

c-if neither works–can i use another burner -to burn the bin file that vcd easy creates–

1-do i have to use the cue file also
2-which burner shd i use–cdrwin or ??- a simple one please…

tks …

If you already have the cue/bin files, you can burn these out with anyother program such as CDRWIN, DiskJuggler, Fireburner, even Nero.

Use checkaspi to see what you have installed and if something is not right, then use ForceASPI.

hey i thought,i was to avoid nero…to sort out my slowing down prob…and i checkd out does not vcds right?

also didnt get check aspi got aspi check d red indiactor and gave me foll remarks

LOG0143: *****************************************************************
LOG0144: Starting ASPICHK installer on Mon Jun 30 12:41:56 2003
ASPICHK0438: OS = Windows 95 (4.10.2222)
UPGRADE1004: c:\windows\system\wnaspi32.dll dated 04/23/1999 16:52:00, 36864 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\windows\system\wnaspi32.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\windows\system\winaspi.dll dated 04/23/1999 16:52:00, 3536 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\windows\system\winaspi.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\windows\system\iosubsys\apix.vxd dated 04/23/1999 16:52:00, 29497 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\windows\system\iosubsys\apix.vxd version
UPGRADE0965: File c:\windows\system\aspienum.vxd does not exist
UPGRADE0369: No existing file to compare, upgrade recommended
ASPICHK0522: Inconsistent version numbers among components
ASPICHK0592: ASPI installation has problems
LOG0218: Closing installer log on Mon Jun 30 12:41:56 2003
LOG0219: *****************************************************************

bit i dont know how much to trust it
since it said i have win 95 whereas i have 98 installed
shd i go for force aspi now??:confused:

CDRWin will burn out the cue/bin file regardless of its contents. The CUE file tells the program what to do. If the cue/bin file is a game, application, vcd, audio, etc etc it makes no difference to CDRWIn and burns it correctly as per settings in the cue file.

I suggest you install ForceAspi, your aspi layer is screwed big time.

heh…this is getting to be more amusing…
did a scan disk…showed some errors …fixed them…then defragged…

suddenly …then aspi worked fine on vcd easy…drives showed up.
selected …then put scanned,…then clicked on burn and go…
made a bin file…then started writing to disk…finished …gave an all ok msg.disk ejected…

wonder of wonders…when i check the cd it is blank…lol:bigsmile:
wish id saved the log…but it was all ok…

OK…finally managed to burn thru vcd easy…
but the slow jerkiness is still there…
what could be the cause??
1-it isnt the player -since others play fine…only the ones i burned dont
2-it isn burning s/w-cause -both nero and vcd easy–same results…

3-could it be the media-maybe–?using samsungs-48 x-anyone know the manufacturer --good/bad qlty?

4-could it be the Burner–have burned more than 120 audio cds …
cud it be letting go…?

5-Cud it b the encoder-TMPGenc–works perfectly for evr1 -right?
and theres no good alternative either

ok ,listed down all possible causes…wat cud it be…hmmm

Good to hear the system is now working fine.

I would suggest its Number 3 ! Samsung are not know for quality cdrs. Also burn at 8x max on a different brand of cdr. Even try a cdrw as well.

hey …good to see ya around too…was wondering wher u upto in sa past 4 days…luv it when i enter the forum …and see ur name splatterd across fm north to south…:wink:

oh ok…id got a spindle of 100 with my burner…any idea who manf. it?
cd info didnt give anything…

fuji films cds are Ty,right? will try that…
and i always burn at 4x…reduces errors…