VCD playback problems :(

i have been experiencing this problem for quite a while now, hopefully i can find the solution to it here :slight_smile:

1st i normally convert downloaded movies to mpeg using TMPGenc and then burn to VCD’s using VCDeasy.

Playback using my standalone Panasonic portable vcd player is all fine.

But when i pop the vcd into my Sony 3-disc VCD player all hell breaks loose, i will have problems like jerky videos, sometimes it will just seems to spin forever unable to detect anything at all. I tried playing VCD’s bought from the local store and all is fine.

Has anyone encountered this kinda probs and solved it??

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Region problems perhaps?

Yes seen it happen before! for some reason some brands of VCD players have problems reading VCD’s made by some of the Programs, try using a different program to VCDeasy , there are lot’s of them on the Net something like DVD to SVCD-VCD or 1Click DVD Ripper, and see how you go :slight_smile: