VCD playback problem

I am having trouble playing a vcd on my yamada dvd player. I compiled the video using Nero VisionExpress 2. It plays fine on my PC using PowerDVD but on the Yamada I get pixelation and noise for the first 4 or 5 minutes and is perfect after that. Any ideas - TIA

I would suggest you use TMPGenc to do the conversions to VCD and burn with VCDEasy. See the Tutorial section on how to.

Also, try different media and slow down the burning speed. I do not burn VCD’s faster than 16x and never get any pixelization.

It’s probably caused by poor media quality; try another brand of CD-Rs, and/or burn at a lower speed.

Computer drives are much better at reading CD-R than standalone DVD players : on these C2 errors are likely to produce glitches in the picture, but on a computer these errors are corrected.