VCD pirates take to the high seas to avoid detection

I just posted the article VCD pirates take to the high seas to avoid detection.

If you have ever bought a VCD that was a little too cheap to be legal and if it smelled like fish, here is why. In Malaysia the pirates now produce pirated VCDs on ships to avoid being caught. The…

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whatever next, warez on the moon? :+ I just had a though why dont they try operation ‘good value films’ where the studios do good films and make them cheap, no wait thats just far fetched its never gonna happen, il stick with warez on the moon thats more likely

“the police had been asked to be on the lookout for pirate ships” hahahahahahahhaha me hearties, rawwwr

danny_uk_1982 I know it sounds funny in this day and age,but pirates DO exist and operate in most waters of the far east…as for the cops ?? a few quid keeps them looking the other way…:7

What about Sealand… That small island 10 miles off the coast of Brittain…they have proclaimed themself independent and is ruled by a prince. Saw a documentary of this small island, they are now making profit off the internet, a safehaven for all kinds of data, free from any laws etc.

This is about cracking down on people who copy and sell so all is ok. It does seem funny that they say pirate ships.

Arrr! It’s driving me nuts! :r