VCD or DVD? Nero

I have a few AVI files that i want to burn to watch on a dvd player. (using Nero 7 Premium)

The files are all under 800mb, most just over 700mb. Ive been burning them to dvd and they kinda work properly, my question is can i get them to fit on to a normal cd (making a VCD)? Because every time i try it makes the AVI file much bigger and unable to fit on to a cd.

The main question/advice a need, is How do you burn AVI’s to disc for viewing on a DVD player? and which way is best?

Any help would be much appreciated.

The easiest approach is to have a Divx compatible DVD player. Got one recently & it’s great.

With VCD/SVCD/DVD is a matter of playing time really. With VCD & SVCD I’d say 1 hour was the max playing time I would have considered for this route as the quality produced is not so great. It’s fine for TV episodes which are watch once & delete but if it’s feature length movies then it must be DVD format.

As you’ve got Nero then Nero Vision is the option for you. You just take the Make DVD option & DVD-Video.

Why do you want to burn the audio/video file into VCD platform while you can burn them in DVD format which has highier quality than VCD?.

As stated above use nerovision and create a dvd. You can never increase the quailty from the original avi but you ever create VCD you will notice a real drop off in quality. SVCD is bit better but then it will not fit on one cd so it costs the same as a DVD. Master Nero vision and you are set