VCD op playstation 2

Heee weet iemand miss hoe ik een video cd op playstation kan afspelen moet ik dan speciale instellingen doen, want mijn vcd’s doen het alleen maar op gewone dvd speler,


This is just a guess (I dont know German @ all, if thats what it is) You want to able to play S/VCD’s on you PS2? Can anyone translate for me and others?


PS2’s require a menu.
Author it in DVDLab or somesuch, then burn.

I want too play vcd on my playstation, only what is must do is creat a menu with dvd lab and than he play the movie?

Yes, DVDLab can create a simple menu, or most other authoring programs can as well.
Once you have a menu, the PS2 will read the menu first, then it can play the movie.
It’s got to do with “firstplay” and VTS/Root settings in the DVD structure.
In the manual for your PS2 it explains a bit about it.
Also, if you have an older PS2 I believe a ver 4 or earlier you have to use -R disks, but the newer ones seem to like the +R better, but should be capable of playing both formats. You really need to look at buying some good DVD media like Taiyo Yuden if you plan on watching movies on your PS2 :slight_smile:

but you talk about about dvd -r or +r but i talk about vcd

I didn’t know that PS2 played VCD…which is why I referred to dvd.

no i don’t even know buy i want to know, if ps2 cna play vcd,
i try the thing what you sad with the menu.

No, PS2 can’t play VCD.

I think it is a waste of time to ask how to make something play on PS2. PS2 is a piece of garbage and you can get a real DVD player very cheap today.