VCD on DVD-player



Is it possible to burn a VCD and play it on a DVD player for the TV. I have the file "end of days.avi". Can i just burn this file on to a cd and watch it or do i need to convert it to another file format. If so how do u do it. Thanks.


wait the actual file is “end of days.asf”.Does anyone know how to convert this file to mpeg. I found a program that can convert mpeg files into VCD files. If i change the extension from *.asf to *mpeg it will play but when i try to open it and convert it to a VCD file it says it isn’t a valid mpeg file. Thanks.


Yes, VCD’s can be played on a DVD-Player (Most of 'em).
And Yes, it is possible to convert an .ASF file to .MPG (VCD-Complient) BUT you’ll have to decode the already blurry ASF file to AVI and then re-encode it to an VCD-Complient MPEG file. With makes it look even uglier. So it’s not advisable.
There are enough dealer out there which sell the VCD/MPG-version of End of Days…

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I have VCD cd from a friend, but how do i convert from DAT to Mpeg ?

to see the movie :wink:

I did run that DAT with MPEG2 player, after couple secodns it freez up


just rename the *.dat file to *.mpg

“It’s easy m’kay!”


yeah man i did that, it’s no good !

i think i need speical program that decode from DaT to MPEG !