Vcd Menu Problems And Nero 6



I have burnt a few vcds using nero 6 and they play perfect everytime, but i have one problem!!!

When i load them into the dvd player(any player) the menu screen that i have created shows(and thats fine) but the only way i can get the vcd to play is to to hit the “scan back” button or rewind button!!!

I thought the MENU would be at the start of the disc, but if i hit the REWIND button it plays , indicating to me that the menu is at the end of the disc!!!

Is my thinking right or have i just stuffed up something???
I re-encode using DVDX 2.0.



In the VCD menu Nero creates just before each thumbnail that corresponds to a movie (if its only one movie then its one thumbnail) there is a number ie: 1. My birthday, 2. Day at Work etc

In order to play video “Day at worK” you have to press the number that corresponds to it aka 2. So if its only one movie you have ther it will play if you press number 1 :slight_smile:


Thanks Hemispasm!!!

I knew there had to be a logical answer!!!



You’re welcome :slight_smile: