Vcd ith DAt files of 756 MB, how to burn on 700 MB CD?

hi guys, iam a new user. I need some help. i have a vcd ith DAt files of 756 MB. how can i fit this in the regular 700 MB CD. the vcd that i have has the same capacity as 700 MB. and iam not sure how it fitted on in the first place?? also i have one more movie 704 MB. how can i copy that onto a CD??
please suggest.


Please use more appropriate title next time, a title as "Hi’ is very annoying because it doesn’t describe the nature of your question.

VCDs are burned to CD using a different format than general data and audio CDs use. Mode 2/XA I think? You can fit 800mb of movie onto 80 min/700mb CD without any problems. Think of 10mb a min. Just use Nero or other burning software to create a VCD movie CD and you shouldn’t have any trouble!

will try it. thank u

in order to get a fast(er) reply to your problem and to get more people viewing this thread, it would be useful to describe your problem in a few words in the subject line, instead of just “hi”

anyway, have fun here :slight_smile:

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anyway, have fun here :slight_smile:

You optimist


will it work in adaptec?? and also the vcd length is 796MB. I have 80min audio cdrs and 700mb data cdrs. which one’s are better??

both cd’s are the same size. someone already told u this.

I have adaptec Cd writer software. Its not taking in the 796 MB. dOES THAT MEAN i SHOULD get new software or is there any other way to work around it it. please suggest.

Dear Ninja23, you haven’t mentioned whether you are running Easy CD Creator Basic, OEM or Platinum version, etc. If you go to help…about menu of your program you will get the info.

sorry in advance if I get too technical :wink: :wink: :wink:

If you are running Platinum version you should be able to make vcd’s…provided you copied all of the DAT files to your harddisk(clipping them into pieces will cause trouble).

maybe the easiest way to do this…get Nero or anything similiar, select option to create VCD, and add your dat file, click on “burn cd”.

If it asks you whether you want to reencode files which are not standards-compliant, please answer yes. :wink:

Yeah I got NERo. I think I have the old version of adaptec. I will try it with nero. thanks again to all of u guys for the suggestions. hope this works out fine this time.

Got it. I converted the DAT files to MPG using VCDGear GUI v0.02 and then overburned it using nero. it worked. this was suggested by another member in response to my other post. so guys who want to convert DAT to VCD please use this method. its easy and fast. thanks to one and all for helping me out.:bow:

sorry forgot to mention the website for others to use.