VCD issue on 111L v8.26

FW v8.26 Buffalo have bug in read VCD… :rolleyes:

  1. v8.26 read slow and poor error correction
  2. v1.23 read OK

I wouldn’t be that sure…
VCD and SVCD are different, the error corrections are extremely decreased to store more data on the discs.

i test another vcd (scratched) and v8.26 read very slow and give “read error”. I update to v1.23 and pio read this vcd at full speed with no problem…here is the problem…

This might be a riplock to reduce drive noice. Which speeds do you get on SVCDs ?

i test only VCD…i have not svcd disc… vcd speed is in first post.
riplock…ok but error correction is fatal when pio read slow…(8.26)
i remove riplock using mcse but still have slow read vcd disc.