VCD Heaven

Finally I have found a well priced CD blank brand
that burns all cds accurately enabling them
to be played in car cdstackers and standalone
dvd players.


Burn VCD at compile time from mpeg > VCD
at full speed with NO artifact on my
LiteOn 24102B and 40125S although with
the bundled version.

See ya


Sorry I meant with the Nero bundled with
my 40 speed burner it allowed 32 speed
at this stage.

My DVD is an Omni 2002KD
from Strathfield Car Radio

See ya


hows ur 40125s… having any problems at all? Im just getting people views on it before i finaaly get the drive to add to my 24102b / 4804te.
"standalone dvd players. " - is this a dvd player, for the tv, that says on its specs that will only play DVD’s [ie: not vcd’s or svcd’s]

I use TDK 700MB 80MIN 32X media in my Lite-On LTR-40125S. Fry’s has TDK 50-packs for $10 after $10 rebate. I burned everything in Nero at 40X with no problems. VCD/SVCD play well in my computer CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs and in stand-alone Samsung DVD player.