VCD had errors?

hiyas, did a search, couldnt find anything like my prob… :confused:

ive got nero, a liteon 24x

i burnt a vcd other day, and some of the videos (most) turned out with errors.

i burnt some mpgs from a game, and some music vids, and only the 2 music vids turned out

anyone got advice? :slight_smile:

also, i went to convert a divx to svcd, and nero said something about copyright, and i needed to purchase a plugin??? :confused:

I am not sure what you mean by :

“(most) turned out with errors.”

What errors???

Were the MPGs VCD compliant?

In order to be VCD compliant the MPG must meet these spec or problems may occur

video 352x288 25fps, MPEG-1 CBR1,152Kb/s
audio 224Kb/s, 44.1KHz 16 bits stereo

video 352x240 29.97fps, MPEG-1 CBR1,152Kb/s
audio 224Kb/s, 44.1KHz 16 bits stereo

If they were try turning down the burn speed.

Never use NERO to re-encode anything use TMPGEnc

yeah thats prob the issue lol, :stuck_out_tongue:

the vids that didnt work were from THPS3 and while they played ok on PC, im guessing they werent VCD compliant :smiley:

thanx for the advice

Ahh I just checked the videos in THPS 3 and they are 320x240 … 30 fpsYou could easily convert them using TMPG "MPG toos"l … the “cut and merge” would quicly convert to VCD standard without having to totally re-encode.

ya gotta burn vcd’s a little slower than max…there is no error correction in vcd’s, and a fast burn will end up with errors.

hehe thanx for the tips guys :smiley:

the videos in THPS3 are awesome, and i wanna show people on a BIG TV :smiley: