Vcd end will not play on dvd stand alone

Self burned or borrowed vcd’s play fine until they reach the last few minutes. Then it just stops.
Also with more movies on one vcd disc i have that problem.
All movies will stop before their actual end.
When i play them on my pc they work fine.
I read it could be the burn speed, i tried different media so i ruled that out.
I use NERO to burn my own mpg’s.

The only reason I can think that would cause this would be that something is either wrong with your burner, your trying to put to much on the cd, or the burn speed is set to high.

I usually slow my vcd’s down to 8x. Sometimes this helps.

Seems to be a problem with the stand alone.
By a cheap APEX from somewhere. They play EVERYTHING. :slight_smile:
I just got a AW-1110W, It will play mp3’s, wav, burned cd’s, or store bought, DVD’s, svcd’s, vcd’s. avi files mpegs of all types, divx etc…

You mentioned the VCD files play on your PC fine, do the original mpeg files play okay too? (Including the problematic sections).

Poor media?