VCD/DVD vulnerability



Are VCDs less vulnerable than DVDs? I am progressing through movie making from VCds to DVDs and find that perfectly clean DVDs often fail to play without faults. Cleaning using IXOS cleaner failed until I used the repair level. This has rendered the DVD looking very rough but it works. Have DVD blanks a varying liability to dust or scratch damage.
I have many VCDs that have been very badly looked after and none have yet failed to replay.
I am using Pinnacle software Studio 10.7 and Intenso DVD-R disks


VCD is simply video data on a plain CD. So…

[li]Unlike DVD’s, CD’s do not have dual layers. The dual layer adds sensitivity to data reads.
[/li][li]DVD data are packed more densely in order to achieve the 4.9GB per layer vs CD’s 800MB (= 0.79 GB, which is about 1/6.5 as dense as a DVD). This adds to sensitivity of data read.
[/li][li]The laser beam for a DVD is much narrower in order to read the more dense DVD’s, which is even more affected by the surface of the disc if it is rough or scratched.
So yes, DVD is more vulnerable to mistreated surfaces than a VCD.